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World Champs 2014: Day 3

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Squash Captain’s Report: Day 3 at World Champs 2014


After playing two matches on Monday, we had a rest day on Tuesday, only to play two more matches on Wednesday. We started the day of by playing the 5th seeds , France at 11h00. It was always going to be a tough task on paper, with France being led by the Camille Serme, world #6. The playing order for the day was 1,2,3, therefore as captain, I would have to lead the way. In the first 2 games, Camille showed why she is Top10 player, by being accurate and absorbing any pressure I tried to impose, which saw me being the one making the errors.

In the 3rd game, I settled down more and focused on imposing my game, which seemed to work, and showed more patience in playing out the rallies, instead of rushing them to end. I won the 3rd game, and the 4th was similar, but at 8-8, she then showed her experience by placing balls more accurately around the court and I was left trying to scrape balls off the walls. All in all, I gave my best and managed to produce some good squash against a top player.


Milnay and Alex Fuller, also had a tough task in their hands, with both girls having to compete against players with higher rankings than them. Both fought valiantly, but unfortunately succumbed to the game plan that France was enforcing on us. France won the fixture 3-0.


Next up was India at 18h00. This is a fixture we wanted to win to ensure we could have a chance to still reach our goal of finishing in the Top 10. My opponent was Joshana Chinnapa, a player with great attacking style to the front of the court, also ranked #22, and someone I have already had a few battles with in the past. She came out firing, and unfortunately I never quite settled down fast enough to be able to absorb her ferocious attack, and to also turn it around to impose mine. This was not my one of my finest moments, and was disappointed to lose that game 3-0.

But this is where the TEAM effort kicks in, because Milnay Louw and Cheyna Tucker played like superstars! Milnay went on court and the first two games were over before the girl new what hit her. In the third game she had to dig a bit to finish more convincingly, but managed to wrap up the match in straight games. Cheyna also had a great start and went 2-0 up, then her opponent began to fight back. All of a sudden it was 2-1, then 2-2 and all of us are now biting our fingernails in anticipation. Then in the fifth game, Cheyna adjusted her approach, took command again, and finished off as strongly as she began. It was an important game to win, and that showed that she’s got some of that much needed BMT…Big Match Temperament. Well done girls. We won the fixture 2-1.

Our next match is against Mexico, Thursday evening 18h00 (Niagara Time). The winner will be in 9th-12th section, so without a doubt, we want that to be us!

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Squash Captain’s Report: Day 1 at World Champs 2014

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The Women World Squash Team Championships 2014 have kicked off here in Canada, and there’s no turning back now. We are ranked 12th out of 20 teams, and our goal is to finish in the Top 10. In our pool we have some tough competitors, Hong Kong (4th), France (5th), India (13th), Austria (17th).


We have already had a taste of defeat and victory on Day 1. The tough match was the first one where we played Hong Kong in the morning. The matches were all a lot closer than what they looked on paper. Each of us had pivotal moments in the matches which could have turned the matches around, especially in tie-breakers, but Hong Kong finished them off better than we did. All in all, the basic groundwork was there, but we just needed to take our opportunities better when they presented themselves. That is exactly what we did when we played Austria later in the same day, and each of us won our matches in straight games.

As the captain of SA Team, I am really excited about what we can accomplish here at White Oak Resorts and Spa, as this is the first time our squad consists of only WSA professionally ranked players. Every single player has been working hard to get the right level of exposure by playing tournaments on the pro circuit and training at various locations overseas. We have a strong team with myself at no.1, Milany Louw (2), Cheyna Tucker (3) and Alex Fuller (4).

We hope to really bring some African flavour to the World Champs this year, on and off the court. With the Niagara falls just down the road, a reminder of God’s awesome creation, there are plenty of things that can be a source of inspiration to us to be the best we can be. For so long, we look to admire what other nations are capable of doing. It is time to show what South Africans are also capable of doing. Go Team SA!!!



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UCT Open winner 2014

UCT Keith Grainger Memorial Open 2014, Cape Town
April/May (Tour 5)

Siyoli vs Salma

Siyoli vs Salma

I won this event last year. I was really pleased to be able to win it again, with more foreign players coming to South Africa to compete.

1st Round: Won 3-0 vs Danielle Van Niekerk (South Africa), 11/4 11/1 11/1
Quarter Final: Won 3-0 vs Sasha West (South Africa), 11/4 11/3 11/4
Semi Final: Won 3-0 vs Cheyna Tucker (South Africa), 11/7 11/6 11/5
Final: Won 3-0 vs Salma Nasser (Egypt), 11/7 11/6 11/8


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malta open


Oppent: Salma Nasser
Country: Egypt
World Ranking: 144
Highest ranking: 85
Result: Won 3-1; 12/14 11/5 11/5 11/7

Salma was a qualifier in the tournament who be the No.1 seed, Lucie Fialova from Czech Republic (#34), in the first round causing a major. She went on to beat more ranked higher than her until we met in th finals.

Semi Finals
Oppent: Laura Pomportes
Country: France
World Ranking: 60
Highest ranking: 60
Result: WON 3-0; 11/5 11/5 11/4

Quarter Finals
Oppent: Chloe Mesic
Country: France
World Ranking: 96
Highest ranking: 82
Result: Won 3-0; 11/3 11/7 11/4

1st Round
Oppent: Cyrielle Peltier
Country: France
World Ranking: 95
Highest ranking: 95
Result: Won 3-1; 11/9 9/11 11/9 11/2


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1st ROUND  (18th October)
Opponent: Donna Urquhart
Nationality: Australia
Seed: 4
World Ranking: 17
RESULT: WON 3/2 9/11 8/11 11/5 11/7 11/9
A tough match in many ways, and super thrilled to have followed through and taken in in the end. I caused an upset by beating the World No.17, tournament 4th seed. I remember looking at the clock when i was 2-0 down, and seeing that we had only been playing for 20min, and i knew that i just wanted to make this match longer. Earlier, i had watched two player friends cause upsets themselves, and that reminded me that we have all trained hard to be here, and gotta grab our opportunities when they present themselves.
Opponent: Aisling Blake
Nationality: Ireland
Seed: 7
World Ranking: 26
Lost: 11/3 12/10 11/6
 I wish i could have backed up the next match with the same tenacious performance, but was too tentative and not as patient. I played like I was the one under pressure, but she was still the higher seed, with more to prove. This is something i must learn fast, to relax and continue to play my game fearlessly!
Slowly the puzzle pieces are falling into place:)
NEXT UP . . .
Pyramides International New York Open
(26th – 28th October)


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TORONTO (26TH – 29TH MARCH 2012)

Monday 26th March: Round 1

Opponent: Thaisa Serafini
Country: Brazil
World Ranking: 61
RESULT: Won 3-0; 11/5 11/6 13/11

I had a good start to the match, playing the game i wanted to play, and getting a good feel of the court conditions.
Thaisa fought harder in the third and i had to stay focused in order not to let the third slip away.

On Sunday morning I had a little accident by cutting my playing hand with a broken glass. I managed to practice with it, and strategically placed some band aids to cushion it well …and fortunately it held up nicely during the match.


Tuesday 27th March: Quarter Finals

Opponent: Tesni Evans
Country: Wales
World Ranking:  55

Tesni caused an upset by beating Olivia 3-0 (WR no.45), so she will definitely bring her A game tonight…and so will I, band aids and all.

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It’s a start of a new month,and the world rankings have been updated.

WE’RE NO.44!! YEAH!!

We’ve finally cracked the Top 50…another milestone reached!
This calls for a celebration. WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Ranking History

Oct 2011: No.44
Sep 2011: No.51
Aug 2011: No.52
Jul 2011: No.63
Jun 2011: No.60
May 2011: No.64
Apr 2011: No.64
Mar 2011: No.78
Feb 2011: No.78
Jan 2011: No.63
Dec 2010: No.75
Nov 2010: No.77


Kuwait Open
6th – 9th October