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Opponent: Lisa Aitken
Nationality: Scotland
Tournament Seed: 6
World Ranking: 68
Result: Won 3-2; 10/12 11/7 8/11 11/9 11/9

I knew this was going to be a tough match. Lisa hits the ball really hard, but also volleys well. She is left handed, so at times i tried to keep the ball on her backhand. My cross court shots were not wide enough at that pace and often got me into trouble. In the last 3 games, she was always ahead of me in points and i had to work my way back into the game. The score line for the last game went something like this…6-3 to her, then an error into the tin from me 7-3; long rally then hard straight drive to the back from me 4-7; stroke to me, 5-7; stroke to her (which i think shouldn’t have been) 8-5, forehand volley drop winner,6-8; 9-6,another forehand volley drop winner 7-9; 8-9, long rally then stroke to me, 9-9; another long rally the volley cross court drop winner,10-9; rally down the left side, the straight drop, 11-9 to me, and I let out a loud yell of relief. I used every muscle in my body, including my voice muscles to propel me through the match. There was quite a lot of yelling in those last two games. “Come on!” “Yes!” “Keep at it!” All of this coming from someone who used to say nothing on court. It is just a small thing I’m learning that it’s ok to show i really want something. With time, i will have to bring it down a bit. I just didn’t want to go out like that today. By God’s grace and strength , somehow i pulled through. Lisa has really improved a lot since the last time I played her in March, where i won 3-0. I was just happy to get through that match as the winner…no matter what the score.

This night of squash was a feast of entertainment for the spectators, a nightmare for organisers. All matches had the full 3-2 scoreline and were over their 45 minute time allocation. My match was scheduled for 18h15, but i ended up playing at 20h00.
The top seed, Emma, was beaten by the 15 year old Egyptian rising star. My room mate Olga, narrowly lost out for a place in the semi finals, by two points, also beaten by a young Egyptian. I will play against Lauren, who beat another young Egyptian, who caused an upset the day before.

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Opponent: Lauren Selby
Nationality: England
Tournament Seed: 4
World Ranking: 58