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Squash Captain’s Report: Day 1 at World Champs 2014

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The Women World Squash Team Championships 2014 have kicked off here in Canada, and there’s no turning back now. We are ranked 12th out of 20 teams, and our goal is to finish in the Top 10. In our pool we have some tough competitors, Hong Kong (4th), France (5th), India (13th), Austria (17th).


We have already had a taste of defeat and victory on Day 1. The tough match was the first one where we played Hong Kong in the morning. The matches were all a lot closer than what they looked on paper. Each of us had pivotal moments in the matches which could have turned the matches around, especially in tie-breakers, but Hong Kong finished them off better than we did. All in all, the basic groundwork was there, but we just needed to take our opportunities better when they presented themselves. That is exactly what we did when we played Austria later in the same day, and each of us won our matches in straight games.

As the captain of SA Team, I am really excited about what we can accomplish here at White Oak Resorts and Spa, as this is the first time our squad consists of only WSA professionally ranked players. Every single player has been working hard to get the right level of exposure by playing tournaments on the pro circuit and training at various locations overseas. We have a strong team with myself at no.1, Milany Louw (2), Cheyna Tucker (3) and Alex Fuller (4).

We hope to really bring some African flavour to the World Champs this year, on and off the court. With the Niagara falls just down the road, a reminder of God’s awesome creation, there are plenty of things that can be a source of inspiration to us to be the best we can be. For so long, we look to admire what other nations are capable of doing. It is time to show what South Africans are also capable of doing. Go Team SA!!!



For full results, visit


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CIMB Malaysian Open 2014, Kuala Lumpur

August (World Series Platinum)

Qualifiers 1: Lost 3-0 to Deon Saffery (Wales), 11/5 11/7 14/12

Deon vs Siyoli

Deon vs Siyoli

Cathay Pacific Sun Hung Financial Hong Kong Open 2014

August (World Series Platinum)

1st Round : Lost 3-0 to Emma Beddoes (England), 12/10 11/6 11/5

Emma Beddoes


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Winnipeg Winter Club Women’s Open 2014, Canada
January (Tour 15)

1st Round: Won 3-0 vs Ivonne Diaz (Mexico), 11/7 11/4 11/3
Quarter Finals: Lost 3-0 to Joshana Chinappa (India), 11/7 11/7 11/7

Joshana vs Siyoli

Joshana vs Siyoli

Penang Women’s World Championships 2013
March 2014 (World Series Platinum)

Qualifiers 1: Won 3-2 vs Lotte Erikson (Norway), 12/10 8/11 11/9 9/11 11/7
Qualifiers 2: Lost 3-1 vs Lisa Aitken (England) ,11/5 5/11 11/6 11/7

Texas Open 2014
April (Tour 50)

Qualifiers 1: Won 3-0 vs Roxanna Keshavarz (England), 11/3 11/2 11/6
Qualifiers 2: Lost 3-0 vs Nour El Sherbini (Egypt), 11/5 11/6 11/6

Richmond Open 2014
April (Tour 10)

1st Round: Won 3-0 vs Diana Garcia (Mexico), 11/2 11/5 11/5
Quarter Final: Won 3-1 vs Kristen Lange (USA), 11/4 11/5 11/13 11/4
Semi Final: Lost 3-1 vs Rachel Grinham (Australia), 8/11 11/9 11/4 11/7



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Abieto Mexicano De Raquetas 2013
September (Tour 15)

1st Round: Won 3-0 vs Diana Garcia (Mexico), 11/8 11/8 11/6
Quarter Finals: Lost 3-2 vs Victoria Lust (England), 4/11 6/11 13/11 11/4 11/9

Diana Garcia

Diana Garcia

Penang’s Women’s Open 2013, Malaysia
October (Tour 10)

1st Round: Disappointing loss 3-0 vs Mariam Metwally (Egypt), 11/6 11/5 11/2

Macau Open 2013

October (Tour 35)

1st Round: Lost vs Joshana Chinnapa (India), 12/10 11/3 11/4

Joshana Chinappa

Joshana Chinappa

Cathay Pacific Sun Hun Kai Financial Hong Kong Open 2013
December (World Series Gold)

1st Round: Lost to Omneya Abdel Kawy (Egypt) 16/14 11/4 11/6 11/6


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Kuala Lumpur


Round 1 
(Wednesday 11th September 2013)

Opponent: Joelle King
Country: New Zealand
Seed: 5
World Ranking: 5
Result: Lost 3-0; 11/5 11/4 11/8

Qualification Round
(Tuesday 10th September 2013)

Opponent: S. Sivasangeri
Country: Malaysia
Seed: Local Junior
Result: Won 3-0; 11/9 11/4 11/7


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Wednesday 14th November

Siyoli Waters lost to Annie Au; 13-11 11-7 6-11 9-11 3-11

Diana Haynes lost to Joey Chan; 6-11 11-6 11-8 8-11 9-11

Milnay Louw beat Liu Tsz-Ling; 12-10 12-10 11-5

A heart breaking loss, coming so close to causing an upset, and making it into the Top 8.
Now we play for 9th-16th Place.


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Tuesday 13th November 2012

Siyoli Waters bt Li Donjin 11-2 4-11 13-11 13-11

Diana Haynes beat Gu Jinyue 11-1 11-6 11-3

Milnay Louw bt Xiu Chen – 11-9 9-11 11-3 11-2


Full tournament results on

Tournament website is


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1st ROUND  (18th October)
Opponent: Donna Urquhart
Nationality: Australia
Seed: 4
World Ranking: 17
RESULT: WON 3/2 9/11 8/11 11/5 11/7 11/9
A tough match in many ways, and super thrilled to have followed through and taken in in the end. I caused an upset by beating the World No.17, tournament 4th seed. I remember looking at the clock when i was 2-0 down, and seeing that we had only been playing for 20min, and i knew that i just wanted to make this match longer. Earlier, i had watched two player friends cause upsets themselves, and that reminded me that we have all trained hard to be here, and gotta grab our opportunities when they present themselves.
Opponent: Aisling Blake
Nationality: Ireland
Seed: 7
World Ranking: 26
Lost: 11/3 12/10 11/6
 I wish i could have backed up the next match with the same tenacious performance, but was too tentative and not as patient. I played like I was the one under pressure, but she was still the higher seed, with more to prove. This is something i must learn fast, to relax and continue to play my game fearlessly!
Slowly the puzzle pieces are falling into place:)
NEXT UP . . .
Pyramides International New York Open
(26th – 28th October)


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19th – 22nd April 2012 

This week I will be attempting to conquer the buzzing city of Hong Kong. I do quite like going there, and I have had the pleasure of visiting it a few times. The squash promises to be as competitive as ever, with players coming from near and far. I am the no.4 seed for the tournament, which is not a bad place to be. I am drawn to play a qualifier in the first round. My half of the draw contains the no.1 seed and world no.6, Rachel Grinham (see pic below). The other half includes seeded players Joey Chan (world #19) from Hong Kong and Emma Beddoes (#24) from England.


My trip this time around will also include me meet up with some people involved with organisations like Chrisitians in Sport, as well as Ambassadors in Sport. They seek to encourage christians competing in sport, at whatever level. Many people may often view christians as “softies” or “weaklings” (depending on your religious history or upbringing) and may feel the world of sport too brutal a place for the “holier than thou” people. Well…clearly that’s not really the case. I believe this is a God-given talent, and i wish to use it not only to kick butt, but to glorify his name! All my strength to keep training and compete comes from Him!

So, watch this space for reporting on upcoming battles!

Full Draw and results: 


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MACAU OPEN (10th – 13th November)

Round 1 Main Draw
Opponent: Latasha Khan
Nationality: USA
Tournament Seed: 6
World Ranking: 27
Result: Won 3-1, 8/11 12/10 11/9 11/8

I tried to stay calm throughout the match, playing patiently until I saw an opportunity to take the ball to the front. Latasha is a very experienced player, who has recently added 2 more titles to her tour collection. I hope to learn from the win, taking the positives, and grow stronger with each tournament I play. This is officially my best win on tour to date!

Opponent: Delia Arnold
Nationality: Malaysia
Tournament Seed: 3
World Ranking: 20
Result: Lost 3-0, 13/11 11/6 11/5

I played a structured game in the first game, and had my chances to take the game. Delia had a slow start, and I should have capitilised on my lead. This is where I will need to learn to step it up when the score is level. She picked up the pace, and I didn’t really respond to it. Well, that’s experience for you.


HONG KONG OPEN (13th – 19th November)
Watch this space!!!