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  1. Hi Siyoli, It’s Ian here and it’s the first time that I have ever tried to leave a message on a blog. It’s a new computer experience for me so I hope that you receive it. I am not going to write much now because tonight it’s Summer League at Villager, so knowing that you will always give me some love, I will go and share it with everyone else at the Club. I can see that you are enjoying yourself and you certainly write very well indeed. Don’t break a leg and all that – we are missing you terribly, With Love, your not so secret admirer, Ian xx

  2. Hi Siyoli, I hope that you receive what I have written above because I am not sure that I know how to work this Blog reply thing – let’s hope that it is real cool !!!!!!

  3. Hi Siyoli,

    I am back in Cape Town after a 10 day visit with my sister and brother-in-law to KWA-Zulu Natal where i have walked amomg mountains and visited former battlefields – what an experience – there is so much that we take for granted and so much to learn about the mistakes of the past. I have read the whole of your blog and feel so proud of your achievements and when you loose, it’s just another stepping stone to acquire further knowledge and to achieve greater things. Your time will come. I enjoyed reading about your religous experience. This morning at 6.30 a.m. I attended the Men’s Monthly Early Morning Breakfast at St Thomas’ Anglican Church on Camp Ground Road, Rondebosch. To those who are more recently converted and who have spent much time remaining indifferent from religious experience, it’s never too late. As the reading relates in Joel Chapter 2, Verse 25, “I will repay you for the years that the swarming loqust has eaten” are words of great comfit to souls of those who find the right path, no matter how late they are. Keep up the good fight Siyoli. I am glad that you have enjoyed Edinburgh – a great Scottish city. My father was born in Aberdeen – the Granite City. Good Luck in France, and as they say in Scotland,

    Yours Aye, Ian xx

  4. sorry bout draw sis. mis u lots 😦

  5. Editor at Marble Play Says:

    Dear Siyoli,

    My name is Taylor Marshall-Green, I’m the content manager and editor for a new and exciting website, MarblePlay.com and we want you to write for us. After following your “Siyoli’s Squash Blog,” we feel you’d be a perfect fit as an exclusive contributor and team member of Marble Play. Your style, passion, expertise and voice would be a welcome addition to a website that will reinvent how people get active and stay active.

    We expect to launch this Fall, but Marble Play will focus on sports, recreation, fitness and lifestyle. It’s all about getting out to play. Go find a new buddy for tennis, go trade scuba gear, go read about how walking to rehabilitate one’s hip also rehabilitates one’s mood. From little league to bar league to senior league, Marble Play will help people discover new ways to sweat, socialize and play. Here are some of Marble Play’s exciting new features.


    • Fit Living (Articles, Nutrition, Go Play, EZ Tips)
    • Facility Finder (Indoor, Outdoor, Public, Private)
    • Experts (Sports, Nutrition, Men, Women)
    • Rules & Etiquette (Definitions, Rules, Etiquette, Gear)
    • Entertainment (Movies, Music, Videos, Documentaries)
    • Print & Web (Books, Mags, Blogs, Websites)
    • Media Casting (Webcast, Broadcast, Radio, Podcast)
    • Quotes (Popular, Marble Play, Celebrity, Motivational)

    NEWS (National, Local, Events, Forums)

    Not to mention so much more available at Marble Play: our exclusive buddy-up feature, classifieds, shopping and our unique My Marbles page, where Marble Play users can fashion their own page to include only what interests them from the world of sports, recreation, fitness and lifestyle.

    I would love to talk further with you about this writing opportunity and the incentives we can offer you and/or your business or product: local and national exposure, attention from sporting clubs and unique advertising possibilities.

    I look forward to hearing from you – and hope you’re ready to play.

    Many Thanks,

    Taylor Marshall-Green

  6. Hi Siyoli, joe and I are catching up on your achievements. she is sewing and I am reading the info to her. WE will see you sometime soon . cheers for now Barbs and Joe

  7. Keep up the good work Siyoli, you are doing us proud.
    Racketlon South Africa

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