9th – 12th April 2013
Parkview Squash and Aerobic Centre



Opponent: Diana Haynes
Nationality: South Africa
Seed: Qualifier
Best Ranking/Result: SA Nationals Champion 2012
World Ranking: NA
Result: Lost 3-0; 11/8 12/10 11/9
Opponent: Salma Nasser
Country: Egypt
Seed: 7
World Ranking: 83
RESULT: WON 3 – 1;  7/11 11/5 11/4 11/5
Quarter Finals
Opponent: Kim GaHye
Country: South Korea
Seed: Qualifier
World Ranking:
Result: Won 3-0; 11/8 11/3 11/4
1st Round
Opponent: Farrah Sterne
Country: South Africa
Seed: Qualifier
Best Ranking: Former SA Champion and World Top 50
World Ranking: NA (local)
Result: Won 3-0; 11/5 11/7 11/7



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