1st round, Tuesday 5th February
Opponent: Sabrina Sobhy
Country: USA
Seed: Unseeded
World Ranking:  71 
Result: Lost 3-0
This match didn’t quite go the way i had hoped it would go. I was the seeded player, and she was the young up-and-coming junior with nothing to lose. I had suffered an ankle injury 3 weeks exactly before this match, which caused me to pull out of the Canadian tournament the week before, but had hoped (and really believed) that i was really on the mend. I guess sometimes you need a little pressure to really bring the cracks to surface. My ankle was surely stable, but I had lost some power and balance on the rest of the leg, and could not push off the leg very well…or break easily either. She did very well to take advantage by playing into areas which exposed my less than smooth movement pattern.
I wish i could have held it together better, but this is one match I need to forget very quickly.

Sobhy sisters

Sobhy sisters

Snowy New York Pic1Snowy New York Pic2


One Response to “DELAWARE OPEN USA”

  1. Menencia Hinda Says:

    Good day Siyoli, we are still awaiting the pictures from the African Squash Championship, 2013 held in Windhoek. I am the mother of the 2 year old daugther with whom you took several pictures. LOL
    Inbox me, so much I want to ask you. Thanks, Menencia

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