To the people who wrote messages to the team during the week and watched our matches on LIVE STREAMING, your encouragement was much appreciated. Videos are still available on YouTube.

To my personal sponsor for my preparation toward these world champs:
With your sponsorship, I was able to compete in Macau, New York and Mexico. These trips allowed me to get matches at the level of squash that is needed to compete with the best. As a result, I gave girls in the Top 10 a run for their money this last week, coming close to beating the World no 9.
The best is yet to come.

To my racket sponsor: TECNIFIBRE, thanks for looking after all my equipment needs.

To my team: YOU GIRLS ROCKED! You gave your all, and that all we asked for. See you in Canada in 2 years time!


One Response to “WORLD TEAM CHAMPS 2012 NIMES”

  1. phil hayes Says:

    look forward to seeing you on return to Cape Town. and to hear first hand of your and the teams experience. regards

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