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Posted in Africa Squash, Nicol David, Upcoming Squash Events, WISPA squash players on June 18, 2012 by siyoli

I have been blessed to have had a squash career that has not been marred by injuries. My back started giving me trouble at the end of April and I decided to play through my tournaments at the start of May, hoping it wasn’t going to be anything seriious, but after my disappointing exit from the British Open, the physio advised me to take a break, get it sorted, so i can play the rest of the season well…else i might not even make it to the end of the SA season which included Major events such as the Jarvis/Kaplan Cup interprovincial in July, as well as SA Nationals in August.

I have torn one of my glut muscles, which has caused some instability in my hip (resulting in a pain at the front of my hip), as well as causing my back to take on some extra pain – hence the back pain. I had to take 2 weeks completely off…and today i can slowly start to crawl back in the gym, and only play squash later on in the week.

The timing of such things is never perfect, as I was hoping to play more SA tournaments this year to improve my SA ranking. I have missed SA tournaments in the past two years because I decided to concentrate on international tournaments. As it turns out, i missed the WP Open last week in my home turf, Cape Town; I’m going to miss the Northerns Open this week in Pretoria, as well as the Gauteng Open the week after that!  I will work towards the Senior Interprovincial 9th-13th July, and look to be in good form for the SA Nationals starting 6th August.

On my break, a certain 6 time world squash champion (Nicol David) decided to have a private holiday in Cape Town for a few days. Tenille van der Merwe, former SA Champion, hosted her, and I managed to catch up with them on one of the days, on top of Table Mountain


The junior development programme has been keeping me busy, where we had a fun Youth Day tournament on the 15th June. The juniors have been really keen, and have show commitment levels that surpass the previous 2 years.

Alright, enough for now…I need to actually get started with my training!