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Pity party over

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So, Hong Kong didn’t go according to plan – and i let myself become consumed by my disappointment.

I lost in the first round 3-1, where i had a real chance of making it to the semi-finals (according to my seeding). Well, that’s where i’m reminded that you never make assumptions about your opponent’s abilities and concentrate on one match at a time.
I guess i wanted it too much, and panicked rather than draw on my experience when the score line was against me.

It is the University of Cape Town Keith Grainger Open. The tournament honours the late brother of former World No.1 Natalie Grainger. Then it is the British Open after that. So…back to work!


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19th – 22nd April 2012 

This week I will be attempting to conquer the buzzing city of Hong Kong. I do quite like going there, and I have had the pleasure of visiting it a few times. The squash promises to be as competitive as ever, with players coming from near and far. I am the no.4 seed for the tournament, which is not a bad place to be. I am drawn to play a qualifier in the first round. My half of the draw contains the no.1 seed and world no.6, Rachel Grinham (see pic below). The other half includes seeded players Joey Chan (world #19) from Hong Kong and Emma Beddoes (#24) from England.


My trip this time around will also include me meet up with some people involved with organisations like Chrisitians in Sport, as well as Ambassadors in Sport. They seek to encourage christians competing in sport, at whatever level. Many people may often view christians as “softies” or “weaklings” (depending on your religious history or upbringing) and may feel the world of sport too brutal a place for the “holier than thou” people. Well…clearly that’s not really the case. I believe this is a God-given talent, and i wish to use it not only to kick butt, but to glorify his name! All my strength to keep training and compete comes from Him!

So, watch this space for reporting on upcoming battles!

Full Draw and results: