Wednesday 28th March 2012

Opponent: Alison Waters
Country: England
World Ranking; No.35
Highest Ranking: No.3
Result: Lost 3-0; 11/5 11/4 11/4 


Oh dear…it’s all over! i drowned, i flunked, i didn’t show up for work last night. In my difficult-to-contain-excitement, i made every rookie error in the book, losing my clarity of thought (and my length) under that pressure … and she was ever the professional her reputation precedes her to be!!! Oh well…i went down fighting a champ! I need more of the matches against these top 10 players!

Full match reports on:

All in all, it was a great trip to Canada, my first trip – for the record! Two beautiful cities, hosted by two great families and got to see an old friend from high school and her family, here in Toronto, as well as old squash friend originally from Zimbabwe. Who knew i had so much love waiting for me here?!


Hong Kong Bueler Open
19th – 23rd April 2012

British Open, London
14th – 20th May 2012 



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