MONTREAL (20th – 23rd March 2012)

Round 1: Monday 20th March

Opponent: Line Hansen
Country: Denmark
World Ranking: No.24
Tournament Seed:
Result: Lost 3-2; 8/11 11/8 11/5 6/11 11/7


I knew the match would be a tough one, considering I had played her twice before and lost 3-0 on both occassions. Even though i lost  the match, i am not entirely disappointed because i was able to put into play the things i have been working on, and have seen lots of improvements. The results will eventually come, once the right foundation is put in place. I am very excited to see things falling into place.

I got off to a good start and seemed relaxed and played good squash to move her around the court, and making sure i was placing the ball to a good length. In the second game, she settled down more and my length became a little short. The third game saw me play a few too many errors, but I managed to tighten things up in the 4th game.

She got off to a good start in the fifth and was 3-0 up too early. I was 7-3 down before i realised i needed to dig a little deeper and keep her behind me, because she was already showing signs that she had been working harder than me – but unfortunately i had given her too big a lead, which an experienced player like her knows how to capitalise on. 

All in all, a better performance, could almost taste victory, but as they say “almost doesn’t count”, so I will just have to make it count next time. I also got a chance to train with Kasey Brown, World No.7 the day before my match…that was nice!


Granite Open 2012, Toronto
26th – 29th March 

Watch this space. Full results on:


One Response to “ATWATER CUP 2012”

  1. Hi Si – a tough match but good to win 2 games. Can see you have the bit between your teeth!

    Love and prayers


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