Relief surpasses happiness today. I was relieved to get off that court as the winner, because in some moments, it could have easily gone the other way, especially when she had match point at 10-9, or match point again at 11-10. Fortunately, lessons I had learned somewhere from squash experts about keeping calm under pressure, or memory of Rudyard Kipling’s poem studied in high school saying “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”, all those lessons came in handy today. 

Savcor Finnish Semi Final
Opponent:  Carey Ramsey
Nationality: English
Tournament Seed: 8 
World Ranking: 68
Won 3-2; 7/11 11/8 11/6 8/11 13/11
At the start of the game, i just wanted to settle into things quickly and adjust to the court as soon as I could. I played a little more conservatively at first, but soon realised that she was comfortable with that game. I played more confidently in the second and third game, imposing my game well. She stepped things up in the 4th game and we both tried to move each other around the court. I made quite a few unforced errors, trying to finish off rallies too quickly, and that let her back in the game. The fifth game, is always anybodies’ game. It didn’t help that I decided to take the rollercoaster root to become the winner. I was 7-4 up, the 9-7 up, then all of a sudden, it’s 10-9, matchball to her. I certainly gave my home support a few heart attacks, but I am just happy that the match was not decided by me putting another ball in the tin.

In the final tomorrow, I will be playing a young English player, Emily Whitlock (no.1 seed). I have never played her before, but am ready for battle.
Monday 13th February 2012
Savcor Finnish Open Final
Opponent:  Emily Whitlock
Nationality: English
Tournament Seed: 1
World Ranking: 33
Live internet streaming for the Finals at 17h00 SA time (15h00 UK time)



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