Quarter Final
Opponent:  Birgit Coufal
Nationality: Austria
Tournament Seed: 6
World Ranking: 62
WON: 3-1; 7/11 12/10 11/7 11/9
I has slower start than my opponent, while she came out firing. Pretty quickly, I was down 7-2, with the rallies far shorter than what I had intended them to be.  Glass courts often require players to take  a little time to adjust to them. In the first round I played on normal court, while Birgit has played her first match on the show court. I soon settled into the game, but had left the gap to wide to close up.

As the match progressed, I found better ways to keep my opponent working hard out of the back corners, which made it a little easier to use opportunities to the ball to the front.I am happy to be through that match with a win.

It was nice to know that I had the support of family and friends watching at home and around the world through the live streaming on the internet.

Semi Final
Opponent: Carrie Ramsey
Country: England
Tournament Seed: 8
World Ranking: 88
 SUNDAY 12th FEB 15h00 RSA time or 13h00 UK time,  LIVE ON INTERNET STREAM again:



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