So, great news about the visa for china. I guess you’d think the trouble stops there. Well…not exactly. This is the quick version of the story that followed, written by Dave Waters, aka Hubby.

** Note: match scheduled for 17:00 **

13:00 – flight leaves Beijing (connecting from last nights Kuwait flight), scheduled to arrive at 15:40

16:00 – flight lands in Shanghai

16:15 – taxi

17:09 – arrive at venue

17:11 – Tournament Organiser Statement: “Siyoli you have missed the 10 minutes grace period. You have defaulted the match and your opponent receives a walkover”

17:18 – Opponent agrees to shake siyolis hand on court to ensure Siyoli at least picks up loser ranking points and 1st round loser prize money.

17:30 – Siyoli goes to changing room to compose herself

17:35 – Siyoli comes back to watch matches. Dutch National Team Coach says: “Siyoli, I think the grace period is actually 15 minutes, 10 minutes is the old ruling”

17:40 – Check official manual, can’t see anything. Call Governing body on skype in London.

17:45 – Olga, Siyoli’s room mate finds the ruling in the manual – 15 minutes! governing body in London declare the match must go ahead in 20 minutes.

18:05 – match starts

18:15 – Siyoli is naturally pretty sluggish after 24 hours travel and…. a minor bit of trauma leading upto the match… she goes 1-0 down

18:25 – Siyoli pulls it back to 1-1

18:35 – Siyoli goes 2 – 1 up

18 45 – Siyoli takes game and match to win 3-1!

You couldn’t make it up….


Opponent: Pushppa Devi
Nationality: Malaysia
Tournament Seed: Unseeded
World Ranking: 128
Result: Won 3-1

Opponent: Low Wee Wern
Nationality: Malaysia
Tournament Seed: 2
World Ranking: 21
Result: Lost 3-0

Low Wee Wern is a former world #13. I have new respect for her type of patient game – doesn’t rush to finish off the point – she just makes you work hard to earn your point. Oh yes…and hardly any errors.I learned a lot from playing her, and hopefully can start playing like her in some ways.


3 Responses to “DRAMA CHINA”

  1. Mark Abrahams Says:

    Wow. I have renewed respect for your resilience, self belief and control. A fantactic achievement. Love


  2. Trickleboast Says:

    What a story Siyoli. Glad you’ve won after going through all that drama.

    Just a little correction. Pushppa Devi is a Malaysian, not an Indian national.

  3. I remember this story! Well done lady!

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