Southwest Open
1st Round:

Opponent: Alexandra Norman
Nationality: Canada
World Ranking: 50
Tournament Seed: Unseeded
Won: 3-1; 11/8 9/11 11/8 11/9

Alex is great at slowing the game down and varying her drop shots. I needed to mix up the pace throughout the game, and not be so eager to play cross courts. In the third game, i was up 9-0, and allowed her to come back to 9-8…i really should find a way to get back “in the zone” faster. All in all, i was happy to win that in 4 games.

Quarter Finals:
Opponent: Sarah Cardwell
Nationality: Australia
World Ranking: 68
Tournament Seed: Qualifier

Sarah took out the No.4 seed in the first round, Orla Noom From Netherlands (World No.41) . She is quick and no push-over. I will need to keep it together until the end.

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3 Responses to “PHOENIX ROUND 1”

  1. Yes, stay focused and close her down quickly. If it helps, the weather here is warming up nicely. Battle through the task at hand, you can relax later.
    Love Mark

  2. All the best Siyols! You can do it just remember whose the boss! xx

  3. Andre Naude Says:

    Well done.

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