Quarter Finals:
Friday 16th September (morning session)
Opponent: Sarah Cardwell
Nationality: Australia
World Ranking: 68
Tournament Seed: Qualifier
Won: 3-1; 5/11 11/0 11/4 13/11

I had another slow start to match and got punished for it. Sarah moved well around the court, practically doing splits whenever it was needed. It seems i managed to move her around enough to make her splits ineffective, and begin to sap the energy out of her. In the last game i was 7-2 down, and managed to come back well enough to close the game off.

My next match is gonna be a tough opponent, a real fighter. She is a great person off court – but takes no prisoners on court.

Semi Finals:
Friday 16th September (evening session)
Opponent: Nicolette Fernandes
Nationality: Guyana
World Ranking: 46
Tournament Seed: No.5




  1. Carolina Sanchez Carrara Says:

    Hi Siyoli I hope you remember me, I met you at this tournament in Phoenix, remember? the Mexican player that became your fan after your match vs Nicolette. You told me about your blog when we were talking with our matching orange flip flops (from the chiropractors, hope these are enough clues).
    Well, I was just thinking about how you were doing because I just got the video of that great match you had against Nicolette. Jeremy, the guy that video taped it sent it to me so I can watch you play over and over and see if I can still learn something at my 48’s.
    Wonderful match!! I still think you had to win that one and didn’t make me loose all that money in beers that I bet with my friends!! :))
    I’ll keep an eye on you and wish you the best!!!

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