This was a great tournament, where the organisers treated us like royalty. All the players got the stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where the squash club was also situated.

Opponent: Katie Tutrone
Nationality: USA
World Ranking: 272
Result: Won 3-0; 11/3 11/3 11/7

Katie is a 16 year junior player who was playing in her first WISPA event. I will not want to play against her in a few years time. South Africa should also learn from this and expose their juniors to playing in such events.

Semi Final
Opponent: Misaki Kobayashi
Nationality: Japan
World Ranking: 53
Tournament Seed: 3
Result: Won 3-2; 1/11 8/11 11/8 12/10 11/9

This was a tough match, as you can see by the score. I started off a little slowly, and my opponent was not giving me an opportunities to settle in. The second game was a little better, bit I made too many unforced errors. Misaki is quick around the court, so rallies became long with both of us working hard. In the fourth, i was 8/10 down, match ball to Misaki, and managed to save the game after a monster rally. At 10/10 I found two cross court nicks that helped me win the game and save the match.
The 5th game was physically rough with a lot of lets and strokes, but i tried to focus on each point and fight til the end…which seemed to help. I’m just happy that match was over and in my favour. Next time, i know i’ll be starting from scratch.

Opponent: Lauren Selby
Nationality: England
World Ranking: 57
Tournament Seed: 2
Result: WON 3-1; 11/6 12/10 12/14 11/2

Lauren in a very crafty player, with delays and great touch to the front. I knew i had to play aggressively against her. I mixed up the pace too where it was needed, as she is good at taking the ball out of the air when it is loose. In the second game, i was up 6-0, but lost my head to make it 6-6. In the fourth game i was up 9-3, but again, allowed Lauren to catch up to 9-9. In the 4th game i was up 9-1, but finally got the full focus to help finish off the game without letting her back in. Giving away 6 points in a row, twice, is unacceptable at this level. I’ll need to work on that.


Next Up
Orange County Open, California (8th – 11th September 2011)


2 Responses to “WASHINGTON DC CHAMP”

  1. Hey Siyols! Thats great news and always lovely to read how you are getting on! Need to chat soon lovely xx

  2. Congratulations Siyoli! The Cape Town Jesters are proud of you!!

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