SA Nationals Day 5


Opponent: Farrah Sterne
Province: Northern Gauteng
Seed: No.1
Result: Lost 3-2; 11/5 7/11 11/7 9/11 11/7

As you can tell from the score, it was a tough battle, but today it went in her favour. She got the upper hand in the first game by settling down first, while I tried to just keep the rallies as long as possiblr and not really do anything flashy. She slowed it down to her pace and gained control.

The games I won, I kept the pressure up by using pace to push her behind me and get her out of position, before attacking the ball towards the front corners. The games ahe won, she slowed it down and didn’t let me get infront of her – that’s where I needed to step up the pace again.

In the last game, she got ahead of me first and I looked to take her forward too early and got punished. I gained some momentum again, but was always chasing from behind, which added more pressure. She played a fine game to close is off as the winner. This was my first Nationals final and I know there will be more to come.

Farrah and I will most likely battle it out again in Durban in two weeks time, when I represent Western Province at the Interprovincial Team event. I’ll be more than ready for her then.


2 Responses to “SA Nationals Day 5”

  1. Well played C, sounds like it was a great even epic final, I’m sure you gave your best, what more can you do.
    Proud of you, get her next time!! šŸ™‚

  2. it is great following your progress šŸ™‚ good luck

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