SA Nationals Day 4


Opponent: Milnay Louw
Province: Western Cape
Seed: No.2
Result: Won 3-1; 11/3 3/11 11/4 11/9

I felt relaxed in the hours leading up to the game, but got very nervous at the start of the match. Fortunatety, I soon settled down and felt more at ease when I placed the ball where I needed it to bounce, instead of hitting it at 100km/hr without precision.

The second game is one I woud like to forget, as I slipped back into my old ways of losing focus too quickly. I gained more confidence as the match continued, I played more steady squash and was happy to here the ref say, “Game. Match to Siyoli Waters.”

Thanks to all the supporters who cheered today, which included my gorgeous hubby, the SAPS squash players and Old-Capetonian friends who now reside in Jozi.


Opponent: Farrah Sterne
Province: Northern Gauteng
Seed: No.1

For the finals, I’ll stick to the same game plan, minus the loosing concentration part.
Bring it on!!


2 Responses to “SA Nationals Day 4”

  1. Hi C, well done girly on the win, am praying for you and Dave at this time. Keep the focus at all times or else!! Haha
    Very proud of you whatever the outcome of the final, but a win would be nice 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing u and Dave when I get back from England



  2. Becky C Says:

    well done siyols!! praying for the final! 🙂

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