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Posted in Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 by siyoli

The last few weeks have been rather different and tough somewhat. As a result of me spiralling into self-pity mode, my blog updates diminished. I’ve experienced a vast array of emotions and have also attempted different methods to talk myself out of this pit…but the truth is that i was losing sight of the real reason why i started all this in the first place. I’m using my God-given talent to the best of my ability and my daily source of inspiration is the Word of God, the bible. With Him, all things are possible. Without Him, i’m just a mere man (woman) striving with my limited strength. I’m more excited about everything when i include Him in all i do!

With regards to the last tour to Germany and Malaysia, I chose to test out how it would affect me to just focus solely on my games and tournament preparation first, before attending to secondary things like updating the blog and socialising with other players. The reason is that I am still learning the art of blocking everything out on the court and only concentrating on the ball. At crucial parts of the match, i sometimes find my thoughts drifting toward things like:
1) You’ve come all this way to play like this?!
2) So many people believe in you – why can’t you just perform well?
3) Think of all the money that’s going into this tour… etc.

As you can see, those are not helpful when all i’m supposed to be thinking with each rally is:
1) Breathe
2) Relax your shoulders as you play
3) Watch the ball and run for everything
4) Be aggressively patient
Those thoughts are actually what help me to focus on the rally at hand. To win a game i must win at least 11 rallies. To win a match i must win at least 33 rallies. Of course there will be more rallies because my opponent could win some, therefore my legs will be working hard on more than 33 rallies. Each time i have an unhelpful thought, it creates pressure in my head, which leads to tension in my shoulders, which leads to bad execution of shots, which leads to pressure being applied to me on court.
So, i need to find ways to clear the pressure i create before i’ve even hit a ball, so that i’m free to play at my best with a relaxed body.


In the German Open and Malaysian NSC Tournament, I was drawn to play the No.1 seeds for both tournaments in the Quarter Finals; Line Hansen from Denmark (World No.26) and Sharon Wee from Malaysia (World No.34). This was a tough draw to receive as I had my hopes set on reaching the semi-finals when i saw the pool of players for the tournaments. This is one thing i’ll have to get used to because if i had received an “easier” draw, I don’t think i would complain.

On my arrival to Cape Town, i had to play in another Cape Town tournament the following day. I made it to the finals…but that is where the wheels came off. At crucial moments i just didnt have the drive or the fight i needed to raise the pressure in the game to another level. I was playing my Cape Town rival, Milnay Louw, against whom I had recorded a 3-0 victory the week before I left for Germany. To me, this indicated that i needed rest…and fresh approach to my training. Our National Championships are at the end of July, along with selections for the Nationals Team to participate in the World Team Championships in November/December. They will ony choose four people.

This much needed break cannot come at a better time with all the wonderful distractions with regards to the FIFA World Cup. Our country is alive with celebrations, and after such an inspirational performance from our national soccer team at the opening match, i feel a bit of life coming back into these weary bones. Come on Bafana Bafana. Come on South Africa. Lets show dem!