MAIN DRAW ROUND 1 (Wednesday 27th January)
Opponent: Lauren Siddall
Country: England
World Ranking: 39
Tournament Seed: 6
Result: Lost 3-0; 11/4 11/6 11/7

It wasn’t my day today, folks. She took control of the match from the start, and whatever i tried, i just couldn’t penetrate her game plan. Lauren also played in India and we have been training together for the last two weeks. Therefore, she knows my game inside out. Of all the seeds to be drawn against, I was quite sad it was her.

The game started off at a very high pace, which we both seemed to be comfortable in, until we gave away a weak length, and one of us would put it away. My length ran into a bit of trouble because of the walls. Here, the walls are such that if the ball touches the side wall, it looses speed instantly, and bounces away from the wall. This meant that the ball didn’t reach the back as I desired, but instead was set up for her to kill it off. I got really frustrated and instead of slowing things down, i just went faster, which left me more vulnerable to attack because I ended up being a reactive player instead of executing my game plan.

Three cheers to her for keeping it together and closing the game off as a winner in three sets. I’ll keep watching the top players and see what i can learn. It would be good to get on court with them as well, as i’m sure i’ll run into them in a tournament in the not-too-distant future.

Next up…

CAPE TOWN (home sweet home)
-training for the next leg of tournaments!!!


One Response to “MAIN DRAW in HONG KONG”

  1. Great that you reached the main draw round of this level tournament Siyoli. You will be pegged against the better players, but I’m sure you are a quick learner so they must start watching out for you and quiver:-). take care

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