QUALIFIER ROUND 1 (Tuesday 26th January 11h45)
Country: Japan
World Ranking: 112
Qualifying seed: 5
Result: Won 3-1: 8/11 11/5 117 11/9

QUALIFIER ROUND 2 (Tuesday 26th January 17h00)
Country: Australia
World Ranking: 82
Qualifying Seed: 1
Result: Won 3-1: 11/9 4/11 11/5 11/6

We must always find things to celebrate. Today, it is the fact that I’ve made it into a main draw of Tour 12 event. To keep you informed, the tournament levels (from lowest to highest) are:
Tour 4
Tour 8
Tour 12
Tour 20+ (Silver event)
Tour 45+ (Gold Event)
Tour 60+ (Platinum Event)

It gets harder to qualifier for the bigger events. My current world ranking means I would be on a reserve list for a Tour 45, not close to event qualifying for the event.
It also means that when you eventually qualify, you’ll be playing against a Top 20 player! It doesn’t get easier, does it?!

Next up…

MAIN DRAW ROUND 1 (Wednesday 27th January)
Opponent: Lauren Siddall
Country: England
World Ranking: 39
Tournament Seed: 6


One Response to “HONK KONG CUP”

  1. Wow lady! you have been doing so well! well done with the India tournament and all the best with the current one in hong kong… knock em dead sisi! you’ll do it! all our love and support. Gugu and Wes

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