MAIN DRAW: QUARTER-FINALS (Thursday 21th January)

Opponent: Laura Pomportes
Country: France
World Ranking: No.90
Results: Won 3-0; 11/6, 11/9, 16/14

MAIN DRAW: SEMI-FINALS (Friday 22nd January)

Opponent: Joey Chan
Country: Hong Kong
World Ranking: No.35
Result: Lost 3-2; 11/6, 11/8, 5/11, 4/11, 11/9

After battling with the tournament No.4 seed, Dipika Pallikal in the first round, I met with the very agile Laura Pomportes. My game plan was to apply pressure by taking the ball early and using pace. This strategy seemed to work well. In the third game, i tried to wrap things ups too quickly, which meant the rallies were too short or i made errors trying to play winners. Taking it point-for-point, I was able to finish the match winning in three straight games.

The match against Joey was interesting. I knew she was quick and clever, and she pounced at me in the first too games, and i couldn’t quite settle or move in the way i wanted to. In the third game I exploited a weakness of hers, and just sat on it…which seemed to work well. It all had to be accompanied with some hard work of fetching many of her boasts or tricky shots to the front, and also concentrating on winnign points at the back of the court, rather than the front – where i’m likely to make more errors. In the 5th, I had the lead and seemed to be dominating, but again rushed to capatalise on the pressure i was building, but I forgot to sustain it long enough…or to continue to exploit her weakness. An experienced player like her, remained steady, fought back, and played some impressive finishes. She knows there will be war next time 🙂


Hong Kong Chairman’s Cup
Qualifier: Round 1 (Tuesday 26th January)
Opponent: Miwa Maekawa
Country: Japan
World Ranking: No.112


4 Responses to “INDIA RESULTS”

  1. Great result in India Si – you are on a roll now
    Keep the pressure on and enjoy Hong Kong

    Love and prayers


  2. Stephen van Rhyn Says:

    Well Done in India Siyoli. The van Rhyn family have been following your games closely and cheering for you and praying for you from a far. Go for it in Hong Kong

    Every Blessing,

    Stephen and Anna

  3. Wonderful result Siyoli, I’m sure you were pleased to progress through the rounds….you can only build on this now….All the best on your next tournament!!!
    Be blessed.

  4. Fantastic! Once again you have made SA proud! You go girl!!!

    Please email me when you read this message – I need to talk to you urgently. Will watch my email so we can chat…

    All the best for Hong Kong.

    John D

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