18th – 23rd January 2010

Chennai, Chennai, Chennai. I’m looking for the one word that could decribe this place . . . “Hoot!” Strange choice of word, but I’m sure you’ll see things my way. I thought Cairo traffic and driving skills were hectic, but I take my hat off to this place. That’s all you here on the road: the sound of vehicle horns going “beep-beep” left, right & centre, while buses, scooters, bicyles AND people weave amongst each other creating a tapestry of marvelous, ordered and “normal”, accident free chaos. My favourite form of transport must be the 3-wheeled passenger motorcyle which they call an “auto” or “chug-chug”. I’ve been fortunate to have the same driver fetch me from the hotel to the courts – I have become accustomed to his methods of making it through the merciless roads. However, I did find it somewhat exhilirating once I relaxed and realised that nothing is in my control.

The squash on the other hand is not as frantic, but that ball is moving really quickly through the air here. It’s also bouncy, therefore you could easily find yourself dragged into a “who-can-hit-the-ball-the-fastest-contest”, which does not leave much room for the brain to be activated.

QUALIFIERS (Tuesday 19th January)

Opponent: Ankita Sharma
Country: India
World Ranking:
Result: Won 3-1; 11/3, 9/11, 11/1, 11/3

In that second game, I was trying to win that contest. I soon pulled myself back into the game plan, and now I’m through to the main draw.

MAIN DRAW: ROUND 1 (Wedensday 20th January)

Opponent: Dipika Pallikal
Country: India
World Ranking: No.46


3 Responses to “INDIAN CHALLENGER”

  1. Hi Siyoli

    Well done with your match on Tuesday – have a good one tomorrow – I’m sure you can do it!

    Love and prayers

    John and Shirley

  2. Hi Siyoli

    Well done on your win to the Main draw. You describe the “hoot” activity in India well. All the best with your next match. Game plan, game plan, game plan ….:-)

    Take care & be blessed

  3. Hey Siyols! Good luck and ‘vas byt’.

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