SEMI FINALS (Friday 4th December)

Opponent: Farah Abdel Meguid
Country: Egypt
World Ranking: No.126
Tournament Seed: Qualifier
Results: Lost 3-2; 11/3; 11/8; 7/11 5/11 13/15

It was too good to be true. A tough battle, where I thought I was in control. Then she came back in her Egyptian splendour, with nothing to lose, and found those perfect nick shots when it counted. I tried to wrap it up too quickly, and found myself hitting shorter lengths and opening up the game in the front of the court – which she thrives on.

The last game was a little heart-breaking when at 10-8 to me, i accidently hit my opponent on my backswing while trying to play my shot, which clearly means she is too close to me and the ball . . . which the rules say is my point, my game, my match . . . but the ref didn’t see it that way, or probably thought it was too crucial a moment to give a stroke at the last point of the game?!?!? I will never know what his thoughts were, but i was deflated for a while.

As soon as the score is 10-10, it’s any man’s battle, and battle it we did, point for point. At 13-13 she played a forehand cross court hard shot that found the nick grove in the wall, that gave her 14-13. The next rally was long, with both of us twisting and turning each other, and at such speed and intensity, she played the ball short, and with all the adrenaline pumping through me i ran to the ball, seeing a chance to play it short, but only to overrun it slightly and mishit my ball into the tin. The game was over.

Well, we both knew it would be a tough battle. I met Farah in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt last week, and we trained together too. We’re both trying to get our rankings higher and believe we are capable of being ranked higher than what our current ranking shows.
Since arriving in Athens, we formed some sort of a support team for each other, and helped each other through our matches in the last rounds. We saw we would meet in the semi-finals, then we put the friendship aside on court, and battled it out like real opponents do. I don’t think the Greeks have heard as much screaming and emotions that can come out of females on a squash court as much as they saw in both of us in that final game. We both wanted to win, but only one can be the victor. I applaud her performance. There will be a next time!


2 Responses to “DRAMA in ATHENS”

  1. Hi Siyoli,

    unfortunately you did not allow my comment here from yesterday.

    Maybe you allow this one.

    A 13:15-loss in the 5th game.
    It seems that I am a good foreteller when I wrote yesterday that I estimated your match with Farah as 50:50.

    Sadly the luck was not on your site.


  2. Well done Siyoli. Great seeing you flying the RSA flag high. I expect you to do well on the pro circuit. I’m always following Clinton’s and your progress on the tours. All the best and bring home a few titles. Kind regards Vaughn

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