QUARTER FINALS (Thursday 3rd December)

Opponent: Milou Van Der Heijden
Country: Netherlands
World Ranking: No.95
Tournament Seed: No.8
Result: Won 3-1: 11/8; 11/7; 9/11; 11/2

I was just happy to win that. The pressure of taking out the top seed got to my head a little, and i tensed up more than i should have. I’ll choose to remember the last game, where I played good, aggressive, clinical and error free squash.

SEMI FINALS (Friday 4th December)

Opponent: Farah Abdel Meguid
Country: Egypt
World Ranking: No.126
Tournament Seed: Qualifier

Farah caused an upset by beating the No.3 seed, Irina Assal, from Russia. I look forward to the match.



2 Responses to “QUARTER FINALS”

  1. Andre Naude Says:

    Good stuff Siyoli. You do us proud.

  2. Hi Siyoli,

    this is Oliver, the german ref, whom you and your husband met in Sharm El Sheikh last week.

    So, when he accompanied you in Sharm El Sheikh, it was your honeymoon?

    In 2010 you should start under your new name Mrs Waters.

    For me your birth-name would be no problem to speak, but possibly for other referees, when in future you will become better and better and will start in more main-draws 😉

    Congratulation for your first two victories in a WISPA-main-draw in Greece and you have a realistic 50:50-chance to win also the semi-final versus Farah Abdel Maguid.

    I cross fingers for you for the rest of the tournament!

    But please excuse that I would also cross fingers for my nice german country-mate Sina Wall if she also will reach the finale 😉

    Please send Sina Wall my greetings (but I am not sure if she knows my name, but she knows me from seeing us quite often at championships + tournaments in Germany)

    Siyoli, I hope to see you again in Sharm El Sheikh in March 2010.

    best regards

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