Victory in ATHENS

MAIN DRAW (Wednesday 2nd December)

Opponent: Orla Noom
Country: Netherlands
World Ranking: No.37
Tournament Seed: No.1
Result: Won 3-2: 11/8 11/7 4/11 4/11 11/8

This is probably the biggest win in my career to date! It was a tough match, she came back stronger in the 3rd and 4th, but i held on, stayed strong, and closed the match as the victorious one! it is a rather strange feeling, but one I am happy to get used to.

Squash things to celebrate tonight:
1) I qualified into the main draw for the first time.
2) I am through to the Quarter Finals for the first time of my WISPA career, having upset the no.1 seed.

QUARTER FINALS (Thursday 3rd December)

Opponent: Milou Van Der Heijden
Country: Netherlands
World Ranking: No.95
Tournament Seed: No.8

Tomorrow, the show must go on. I’ll get myself ready for more battle.

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6 Responses to “Victory in ATHENS”

  1. You go girl!!!
    Well done on a great win, which should be the foot in the door that you need.
    Keep it up.

  2. Paul Da Costa Says:

    well done siyoli you go girl
    all the best for the next one,go win it
    Paul, Josh and Dan

  3. Awesome result yesterday.
    I hope you find success again today.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. This is just fantastic!! Well done Siyoli on your awesome win! Go get ’em!!!

  5. Moegamat Stenekamp Says:

    Dear Siyoli

    Congratulations. Keep going and make us proud. If you in SA again, give me a call as I had a discussion with senior member of Western Cape Sports Acadamy and they can assists you in improving??? /or training in squash.


    Moegamat Stenekamp

  6. Thats awesome!!!!!

    Do I smell something coming here?????

    John D.

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