QATAR CLASSIC (17th – 23th November)

After the tough exit, I managed to train with some Egyptians, including my opponent from the tournament.
I also managed to get on court with top French lady players, Camille Serme and Isabelle Stoehr, both in the top 20 in the world.

SHARM EL SHEIKH OPEN (24th -29th November)

Opponent: Heba El Torky
Country: Egypt
World Ranking: No.50
Result: Lost 3-1: 13/11 ; 14/16; 11/5; 11/8

Another tough match to lose. We were neck and neck in the first two games. It wasn’t the prettiest game to watch, as my opponent has a reputation of been a tough fighter on court. The third game, she played really well, my length wasn’t good enough, and she found ways to capitalize on it. I’d like to erase that one from my memory. The fourth game was close until 8-8, then found the tin TWICE, before she beat me with a trickle boast which i just couldn’t get my racket under, which gave her the game and match.

I continued to train with other players and watch the other tournament matches analytically. Some players I managed to get on court with were: Nicolette Fernandes (World No. 88) from Uruguay, Farah Abdel Meguid (World No.126) from Egypt, and Lauren Siddal (World No.39) from England.

GREEK OPEN (1st – 5th December)

It’s the start of the tournament now, the draw is up and my first match is later today.

Opponent: Belen Etchechoury
Country: Argentina
World Ranking: No 247

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Let’s go play!!!


One Response to “RESULTS ROUND-UP”

  1. Nicolette’s from Guyana! 🙂

    Hope to see the 2 of you in the final for the Greek Open

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