New Squash Season

August was officially declared my rest month, where I literally put down the racket for a few weeks. September and October will see me gaining back some fitness and getting stronger by training in Cape Town with assistance from the Sport Science Institute of South Africa.

These next few periods are key for building in various areas:
1) laying solid foundations and building on my marriage
2) building the body and squash skills
3) building finances for the expensive globe trotting nature of the WISPA Tour

It is costly to fly out to events and lose in the qualifying rounds. Players who make it into the main draw of an event are guaranteed hotel accommodation for the remainder of the tournament. The rest must pay, or go home.
Also, as a qualifier making it into the main draw, you are most likely to be seeded against the top 8 players of the tournament. So there is really no easy way in. Therefore, you need to work to be good enough to beat these top players. When you do beat one of them in the first round, you have better be ready to take it to the final rounds!

I’m done with losing early. I would like to reach some semi-finals and finals of these WISPA tournaments. Wouldn’t you if you were in my shoes?

*** Next up: Sport Science Fitness & Nutrition Reports ***


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