The wedding turned out to be such a wonderful and brilliant occasion, thoroughly enjoyed by many who came to celebrate with us. We feel so blessed that we remember all of it, partly due to the fact we had some amazing friends and family helping us. We were truly grateful, also overwhelmed by the response from people who travelled from all over South Africa and the UK to be with us on our special day. God really blessed us in the way he brought our two families together. I now understand why many people who have been married remember their wedding day as their best day of their lives. I do believe it was the best day of my life, to date. I also hope that there will be more surprisingly beautiful days in my life ahead, and that it doesn’t all stop there.

It was a beautiful day in Cape Town, sunny with clear skies, which is quite rare in the rainy august winter season. The ceremony was scheduled to begin a 12h00, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it only began at . . . no, not 12h15 . . .not 12h30 either . . . you’re getting there . . . ok, at 13h30!!! You gotta love it. Apparently my aunts and family guests kept the Cape Town and UK guests entertained by their fun displays of dancing and singing. The minutes ticked by without any fuss from people, except that Dave’s football team had a game that Saturday afternoon and had to leave as soon as I walked in down the aisle.

All in all, I eagerly said, “I do”; was kissed by my groom, signed away my surname, celebrated with family and friends, and now I’m a wife – better known as MRS WATERS.


2 Responses to “Hello MRS WATERS!!!”

  1. Lydia van Zyl Says:

    Hi Siyoli,
    thanx for the photos – you looked fabulous!!
    How things going 7 weeks down the married/wife line?
    Be awesome to hook up with you guys at some point.
    Lots love

  2. Woow! exciting to read about a ” a girl” I last saw some 8 back at UCT. Well done, congra and all the best!

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