Becoming a WIFE!

On arrival to Cape Town from Taiwan on Tuesday 28th July, I had just under two weeks before our wedding day on the 8th August to my fianceé, David Waters. No, he is not a squash player – soccer, or dare I say football, is more of his passion.

The first week of the two would include final fittings of the wedding dress, lots of wedding admin and moving out of the flat I stayed in, to be able to live with my husband when we’re married! Exciting stuff!!!

The Sunday before the wedding, we travelled to East London, my home city, where Dave’s family and travelling relatives would be officially welcomed by my family – African style!! It was a truly enjoyable occasion with great appreciation for the effort people made to be present. The Waters family did however have to get used to my some of my aunts and family friends singing and dancing for them 🙂

There was another celebration held in our family home in the rural areas, my fathers home. So we all travelled on the Tuesday. Once again we were welcomed by family and village community friends who were very eager to meet the new editions to our already large family.

Wednesday, Dave and I travelled back to Cape Town. Thursday, the rest of the family travelled down and therefore had the wedding rehearsal in the eve. Friday, more people arrived in Cape Town, final beauty appointments (to look good on my big day), lots of practice of walking in my high-heeled wedding shoes, and left a romantic package and note for the groom.


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