On court with a legend: SARAH FITZ-GERALD

After my early exit out of the World Games competition, a few of the other athletes, who had also received the “Thank you for coming” certificate, stayed the week to prepare for the next tournament, the Malaysian Open in the following week. I took the opportunity to join in. We played games in a rotation scheme, where you play one game to 11 and then swop courts to play someone else – very fast and very furious!

Four Australian players were there: Kasey Brown (World No.11), Donna Urquhart (No.31), Lisa Camilleri (No.38) and Amelia Pittock (No.47). Over a period of four days, i managed to clinch some games from each, accept Kasey Brown…but I do feel i was close though the one time:)

On the final day I stepped on court with the Australian squash legend, Sarah Fitz-Gerald – the greatest player of the 90’s. That woman is still as quick and powerful as she was in her reigning days. She applies pressure by hitting the ball excessively hard (and accurately – note to self), as well as taking the ball early. I put in m best display of running, and tried to keep up with her hard pace and attacking game.

Her comments at the end of our game were positive and encouraging. She mentioned that when I was 5-2 down, I stepped up a level by matching her pace, and maintaned pressure to get to 5-5. She went on to beat me 11-8 and ended by saying,
” These results you are bringing are not of the player I just saw on this court.”

I was humbled, totally surprised to receive such feedback. I managed to smile and give an appreciative nod, amidst my gasps for air.


2 Responses to “On court with a legend: SARAH FITZ-GERALD”

  1. Must have been amazing to play Saran, she is just such an incredible player.

  2. Oops meant Sarah of course!

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