My match against the World No.5

The current world no.5 is Alison Waters, and I was drawn to play her in the first round of the World Games in Taiwan. A pretty tough start if you ask me!

The score (I’ve been avoiding this): 3-0 : 11/6 11/5 11/0

Hmmm…I guess your eyes have caught the roundness of the last digit. Let’s forget about that one and focus on the first two games…for now:)

Before you read any further, I would like to add that my opponent made it to the semi-finals where she was beaten 3-2 by the No.2 seed of the tournament and World No.4, Natalie Grinham. Alison happened to win one of those games 11/0 too. That did make me feel a little bit better about being destroyed in the last game. When she is on fire, she is blazing hot!

The first two games were both long and high paced in their respective first halves. To start, i ran my little legs off picking up many of her shots and staying in the rallies. The score was neck and neck until 6-6. Then she pulled out some cracking winners, which saw me out of play, and dropped down on the pressure application plan.

The second game was fairly similar, but one thing I realised was how much work was really needed to win one point. It can be quite daunting when, in between games, my team mates were saying, ” You’re playing quite well, moving well, and applying the right pressure, ” and all i’m thinking is, “Why is the score in her favour then?”

In the 3rd game she showed me why she is the current World No.5 in the way she carried herself and the professionalism she showed by controlling the court, and finishing off the points. I, on the other hand, lost my head a bit, tried to rush the points, and now the results speak for themselves.

Lesson learnt: maintainance of a high work rate and intensity is important.

Now back to the training field.

** Next on Catch-Up: On-court with a Squash Legend, Sarah Fitzgerald **


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