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Posted in Uncategorized on August 21, 2009 by siyoli

Hi all

Yes, i’ve been pretty slow at updating since the World Games in Taiwan.
So, an apology to my faithful regular readers (yes, i do know who you are! ).
I would like to think i have a valid excuse: getting married on 8th August to the man of my dreams (two weeks after arriving back from Taiwan) . . . riding into the sunset of honeymoon land . . . forgetting about modern technolgy and its pressures until TODAY!!!

But, i don’t believe in excuses, anyway! 🙂

Watch this space for:
– Feedback on playing the World No.5 Alison Waters

– Getting on court with a variety of the worlds top players from Australia & France (including one little game with squash legend, Sarah Fitzgerald)

– The road to an Afro-Euro Wedding day

My Wedding Day on the 8th of August

– What’s on the squash calendar from here

Until then … give me some love, and make a few comments on anything you have seen on this blog before: what interested you; what you’d like to see more of; pictures of top players; etc…etc…