Welcome to the NETHERLANDS

Zwolle, is a not-as-famous-as-Amsterdam city in the Netherlands, home to Dagmar Vermeulen, a Dutch National Squash player.
The squash club where she trains, called Squash & Cardiofit Centrum, is a very trendy looking club. This newly renovated establishment will be hosting the next WISPA tournament this weekend, the ZWOLLE OPEN.

This tournament sees Annelize Naude as the No.1 seed. I have also been entered and initially obtained a qualifying spot. Tourmanent rules state that the tournament organiser may give out 4 wild cards to local players who fall outside the required world rankings. Unfortunately for me, the maximum wild cards were given out after the closing date…which now means I am the 2nd reserve to qualify. Best thing to pray and hope for is that at registration on Friday 12h00, a miracle happens which finds me  somehow entered into this tournament. It would be great for world ranking points, and the perfect tournament to realistically aim to fight through each round.

In the meantime, back to the squash office. The training must go on!!

To view the squash club, visit: www.squashzwolle.nl


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