This week has seen me back in the Ahorn Sports Centre, back with familiar and warm faces that welcomed me in November 2008.

This time around, the visit will only be one week long.

Before long, I was back on court with Cedric ( who is now the New U/19 German Champion). Cedric is one of those people who can happily do 400m sprints without supervision.

On Tuesday evening, I trained with Frank – the hardest ball hitter in Paderborn. Wednesday, we had one of our classic battles, but he was still the winner. Those who knew me before commented that I am a little slower than when I left.

This morning I tested out the old 200m track  by doing 400m sprints alongside a new training partner, Frederick, who was away in Japan for 6months, when I was here last year. This was followed by a solo session, and court work with Cedric and Wael.

EXTRA INFO: Simon Rösner, who trains full time with Wael, was crowned  German Men’s Champion this last weekend.

Later tonight, I will have a game against Frederick. He had a 3-1 victory yesterday morning, 12-10 in the 4th.

Saturday, I’m off to the Netherlands. More on that…another time.
Pictures are sure to follow.


Squash is Bidding to be in the OLYMPICS 2016!


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