Wow! What an incredibly beautiful city. I have taken a walk along the famous Princess Street this evening and the view is utterly breathtaking. All the the grand buildings, including the castle, are all lit up at night creating an amazing skyline.

Well…back to the squash!

Day 1: Qualifiers Friday 30th January 12h00

Opponent: Christine Duncan

Unfortunately I have recently been informed that Christine has pulled out of the tournament. Therefore I am automatically through to the Main Draw.

Day 1: Main Draw Friday 17h15

Opponent: Victoria Lust
World Ranking: No. 81
Country: England


3 Responses to “ARTEMIS EDINBURGH OPEN, Scotland”

  1. Hi Siyoli

    Enjoy your match – give it all – remember Jesus is with you

    God Bless


  2. Mark Abrahams Says:

    You are now in the main draw. Bring out your main game. Good luck, Mark

  3. Happy Birthday Siyoli.
    What is the score?
    Hope you haven’t been able to post anything because you are so busy playing mathes!
    Love Shirley

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