Welsh Open Main Draw

Day 2: What a battle!!

Played: Lotte Eriksen
World Ranking: No. 84
Country: Norway
Result: Lost 2-3: 12/14, 11/8, 10/12, 11/6, 10/12
Match Duration: 51 minutes

A tough match to lose. I believed i had the fitness edge – she was panting after the 3rd game, but made less errors than me. In the 4th, i felt i played more of my game. I stuggled to get a good length into the back corners in the first 3 games, but it came together in the fourth, which allowed me to play short into the front corners more effectively.

In the 5th game, i found myself holding back a little, pushing the ball instead of really hitting it – being tentative when going for a short ball instead of hitting confidently. The scores remained close throught the 5th game, until i made a crucial error into the tin at 9/9 which gave her 10/9 lead. I managed to fight back to 10/10 for a tie breaker, only to make yet again an untimely error which gave her 11/10 lead. A long final rally saw her take the match, and a place into the next round of the tournament.

I feel i put a lot of pressure on myself, and forgot that with a world ranking of No.249, i’m still clearly the underdog – therefore i don’t need to hold back, but should really play confidently as i have less to lose. There is a difference between playing patiently and holding back. When playing patiently, you’re confident that each shot you play is part of the game plan, even if it is not a flashy crowd pleaser. Holding back … well …. doubt begins to creep in, and you execute shots with less confidence. Not cool!

I have learnt plenty, and one thing i hope to take with me to Edinburgh next week is: I’m an underdog, therefore should play with no fear. In the meantime, tomorrow is saturday – normally a training day. So, as the saying goes, “There is no point in crying over spilt milk!” I guess I’ve got some training to do at 9am. I’ll rest after that ( while taking down some notes on my future opponents)!


2 Responses to “Welsh Open Main Draw”

  1. hey girl. as always, your positive response is inspiring! good for you. xx

  2. Hi Siyoli!
    I’ve just found your blog and wish you all the best for your next tounament…
    Good luck from Germany 😉

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