Yes, I Want To Win!

Wednesday the 21st January, I’m travelling to Wales to play my first WISPA World Tour Tournament – Welsh Open, Cardiff.

My goal is to cause an upset! Yes, I want to win the tournament!!!

In order to do that, I must:
– win my first qualifying match 12h00 Thursday
– win my second qualifying match after 17h00 Thursday
– win against  one of 4 seeded players in the Main Draw on Friday
                         * Fiona Moverly from England (World No 53)
                         * Deon Saffrey from Wales (World No 59)
                         * Celia Allamargot from France (World No 65)
                         * Maud Duplomb from France (World No 78 )
– win two tough battles on Saturday before claiming the title on Sunday.


Ok, ok . . . I know it sounds a little – dare I say it – arrogant, but one has to have a large degree of self belief!  Else, you have already lost your games before even setting foot on court.

Some people have asked questions about my wins in Egypt:
What turned things around for me? How did I feel playing some of the top girls in the world? What helped me win?
A large part of  it is God’s grace that I didn’t fall sick or injure myself while training in cold weather conditions in Germany. Also, what helped was to believe that I was capable of more than participating in the championships, but believe that i’m intricately designed and trained to actually cause some damage and win! I had to believe that I could win.

My natural persona would shy away from saying, “I want to win this tournament!” But who am I kidding? We are entering these tournaments and travelling these distances in the hope to see some victorious results!

Yes, I want to win, but I do also want to do it in a way that shows professionalism, sportsmanship and good character – a way that would make my mom proud and see God smile.

Now that I’ve said all that and taken the risk to expose my heart, Cardiff awaits.
The outcome of each day is a mystery, not to be feared, but to be completely embraced. Many lessons we will learn, not to harm us, but to make us prosper – to grow us to be stronger than we were before.


8 Responses to “Yes, I Want To Win!”

  1. Love reading your updates, thanks for posting news.

    I love your heart & attitude – Keep winning.
    Yes you can!

  2. Hey Siyoli…

    Congrats on being such a champ!!! Always knew you would be!!!

    All the best for Cardiff… I KNOW you are gonna make all of us ex-Connaught house Clarriebags Proud!!!

    You go Girl…

    Shiree (nee’ Els)
    (Connaught house 1996 – 2001)

  3. Hey, i like what you doing, keep it up! The fact that you making use of technology while making history for yourself and your future kids. I think it great. Good luck on the tournaments and life. I hope you will do you best and conquer them.

    I will keep tabs on the where you are and what are the results.

    Siyoli we love and support you all the way..

    Class mate some few years ago.

    take care

  4. Hi girl its not arrogant at all its the truth as God made it. People lie to themselve why else does one groom themselves train for hours for a race or whatever and their intention is not to win but have fun. Its a lie. GOOD for that you have acknowledged the truth

  5. Hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Love Shirley & John

  6. hey beautiful, so glad to see you so positive going into the tournament. wishing you all the best – play hard, play well, and i’ll see you on the other side come monday. can’t wait! xx

  7. Hi Siyoli
    Great reading your news and seeing how enthusiastic and positive you are.
    Take every opportunity you can, we’re all holding thumbs for you back home.

  8. Awesome. Well done. Keep God and us smiling. Love, Tom & Lydia.

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