New Years Update


The year 2009 has kicked off with a great feel to it. In the last few weeks, I have been captivated by what the city of  Hull and beautiful nearby villages have had to offer, in the northen parts of England.

The health centre TOTAL FITNESS has allowed me to maintain my shape and fitness after all the Christmas puddings and festive delights. This Saturday the 17th January I will be visiting their 2009 Junior Squash launch.

The squash club, Hull and East Riding Squash Club, boasts the World No.53 women’s player, Fiona Moverly. She has become one of my training partners out here, and has assisted me in understanding the “behind the scenes info” to tackle  the WISPA World Tour. We will both be competing at the WELSH OPEN in Cardiff next week. This tournament will be held at the Welsh Institute of Sport. I have to play qualifying rounds, where only 4 out of 16 qualifiers get entry into main draw of 32, while she has direct entry into the main draw as the No.3 seed. These are the benefits of having a high world ranking. My world ranking is currently standing at No.249. I need to play in many tournaments in order to see it rise.

The city of Hull boasts the new team that was promoted into the English Premiership Football (Soccer) League in 2008, Hull City. It started the season strongly (much to critics’ surprise) and has recorded great wins against some of the top clubs in the league: Arsenal, Manchester United … to name a few. I have spotted the players training at TOTAL FITNESS. That means I’ll have to keep my camera with me at all times . .. you know … for your benefit of course!


2 Responses to “New Years Update”

  1. Mark Abrahams Says:

    Good luck with the preparations. Your achievements make us proud. Keep sharing your experiences, they bring us closer to you. As the ‘new’ secretary of the club I will keep our members informed and will encourage them to visit your blog. There is an unprecedented energy at the club (partly thank to you), the courts are busy every night and large numbers signed up for the coaching by Mark Allen starting tonight Do not forget to enjoy yourself as well.



  2. Richard Swain Says:

    Siyoli – found your blog! Great to be able to follow your progress in the upcoming tournaments. We’ll watch with interest and pray that you fulfil your potential!
    Richard, Lucy, Robert, Mary and Emma.

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