My days in Paderborn (for 2008 of course) are up. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. All of my expectations on the squash front were exceeded. The local squash players also ensured I had a good laugh from time to time.

Thank you to:

1) My sponsors in Cape Town: MENTOS, DUNLOP SPORT, and the fantastic VILLAGERS SQUASH CLUB

2) My coach Wael El Batran and Paderborn Squash Manager, Norman Farthing for making all this possible from the German side.



Sunday: South Africa (RSA) vs Malaysia

Monday: RSA vs Netherlands

Tuesday: RSA vs Germany

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday:  Quarter Finals

Friday: Semi Finals

Saturday: Finals


One Response to “The FINAL COUNTDOWN”

  1. Hi Siyoli

    I hope all is well as you countdown towards the World Championships! I pray that that you’d find yourself 100% focused on the courts and knowing playing for Father God and noone else! We miss you very much at church!

    Love the blog! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences…

    Many blessings!


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