The squash must go on!

The temperature is 3 degrees today, last night dropping to 1 degree – maybe it went below zero in the coolest part of the night. BUT the squash continues.

This morning (as well as last week) I managed to make it to the church on time. Yes, they spoke German, but I’m able to pick up a few words here and there if they speak slowly. I was unable to join in with the singing (which i love doing), but was very happy to listen. Behind me sat an old man with a voice that sounded like Pavarotti himself. I was totally blown away – completely amazed!

Wael still had the training camp for his top players. So while they wrapped things up, the solo session was my source of entertainment. These sessions are also good at testing your levels of concentration. You might find yourself struggling to hit 20 balls in succession to the back corner. Then after some time, 50 balls become easy and then you’re hitting 100 balls consistently. What a  great confidence booster!

The plan from now until Thursday (Friday I leave for Egypt) is match preparation. Today I trained with Lennart (a premium league player) and Cedric (a second league player) – the focus is to implement match tactics at a high pressure and intensity. The pace is high, the ralleys longer and the brain needs to stay switched on the entire time. Now there’s a challenge!


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