Week 3 Round Up


The South African team (No 13 seeds) has been placed in a pool with:
– Malaysia (No.4)
– Netherlands (No.5)
– Germany (No.12)

So, this means that it is going to be pretty tough for us to fight our way into the top 8, but fight, we must!


Friday morning began with some speedwork on the court. The legs are beginning to move quickly. The brain and eyes need to be just as consistent – if not faster.

The afternoon session and evening session ended up being merged into one session – which became one loooong session. Arrived to have a solo hitting session at 4pm, to find Cedric there, ready to train. So warmed up for 15min, the did drills with Cedrick for 45min, and felt my legs had worked quite hard.

At 5pm, I went back to my solo session, then had Frank arrive,  therefore I did more drills with him from 17h30 – 19h00. Boy, was I shattered!! It’s all good for me really!


Saturday morning, even with all the snow excitement, I somehow managed to make it into the gym. This is where confidence has a place to grow. You can tangably measure your progress. In most cases, I am now lifting double the weights I lifted when I first arrived. You gotta believe it! 

The courts were buzzing this morning because of a junior camp in preparation for a German tournament next week. Some of these young players are real fighters, train like professionals and show such dedication. 
 A few of them cycle to the courts with their huge racquet bags in all conditions to get to the courts. I think we can all learn a little something from them.


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