Week 3 off to a good start

I received a compliment from the coach the other day, “Now you’re playing international squash!” Of course, my initial reaction was to smile and hold onto these positive words. Then it got me wondering, “Well…what have I been playing thus far?”

This is one of those wonderful moments in life when I can look back and see something has changed, a visible difference. Some people look back at their high school photographs, maybe go down memory lane, then come to the conclusion that they are different now to what they were then. It could be that their outward appearance is different; maybe they were rebels and now have calmed down; maybe they were quite introverted and now have come out of their shell; maybe they were considered “nerds” and social outcasts, but now the money obtained from their academically acquired jobs sees them as the talk of the town; maybe a little character evaluation made them realise that in order to get from A to B, they were going to need a little change.

In my life experience (as vast as it may seem at my young and tender age 🙂 ) I have been blessed to have witnessed change as something positive, something to be embraced and not to be feared.

All in all folks, there are some improvements on the squash court. The eyes are more open, the legs getting stronger, the arms moving faster and the ball positions matching what the head desires. No, i’m not perfect yet…but it is these little touches and analytical observations which confirm or encourage that I am exactly where I am meant to be, and that all the efforts and encouragements of those who support me are not in vain.

Thank you to you all.

Tonight, i battle it out with Franc again…watch this space!!


One Response to “Week 3 off to a good start”

  1. Hi Siyoli

    What a real pleasure it is to see you take on the world stage. I’m sure you will certainly make RSA proud with your squash talent and wonderful personality.

    Hope someone will warn Nicol Davids & the AUS sisters that you are coming to a court near them:-)

    We wish you all the best.
    Take care & God bless
    P.s. I am truely enjoying your daily updates. Your fingers must be lame from all the typing:-)

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