Week 2 is over…so soon!!

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. Not so long ago I was dragging in my luggage all the way from the Cape in my designer green and gold outfit. In another two weeks, I’ll be making the journey to Cairo for the World Championships.


The South African Team chosen a few weeks ago has just been altered, with Tenille Swartz pulling out because of a torn bicep. That means, Western Province player Milnay Louw will travel to Cairo in her place. That means our team will be:
– Farrah Sterne
– Siyoli Lusaseni (yours truly)
– Diana Argyle
– Milnay Louw
– Cheyna Tucker (U/19 travelling Junior Champion)

Last Championships in Canada 2006, we finished in sixth position after starting off in 12th position. Sadly, we’ve been seeded 13th this year, meaning we’re up for quite a fight in our pools, since we will have two top 8 teams in our pool. It’s gonna be tough. It was always gonna be tough. Looking forward to it.

The week of training ended on a tough note with saturday morning training, leading to a much needed resting weekend. It is never easy when u are introduced to a new training technique, but our bodies are such amazing creations! It is a wonderful feeling when you feel yourself adapting to what is thrown at you. Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t mean it gets considerably easier. It’s just that some part of you knows, “I’ve done this before, and I survived! I’m sure I could do it again.”

Well…that’s just simplifying it quite a bit, but I’m sure you get the gist of what I am trying to say. 🙂


3 Responses to “Week 2 is over…so soon!!”

  1. …I’m thinking that the role of pace maker in field training over Christmas is now in your hands…or will we just end up in a big race now!?

    Keep working Si, everyone back here is asking how things are going and are so proud of you,


  2. Hi Siyoli

    Still waiting at this time for Ruth…….it can’t be much longer now!

    Blog really interesting – that is what Germany is like. Shirley and I stayed in a castle just like that earlier this year (a business trip I hasten to add – paid for by our hosts)

    Lots of love and prayers – spoke to Dave tonight


  3. hi love – glad all’s been going well – it’s been nice to get a bit of insight into what you’ve been up to. when will you be back in SA? would love to give you a call to catch up, before you head off for the world’s. and i need your UK dates!! keep well – chat soon. miss you lots.


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