The lifestyle

I took a little walk around the neighbourhood after the morning session today – you know, to loosen up the muscles a bit. Ended up playing against Franc again last night. The result ended up being the same. Ok, i’ll admit – he’s a little too strong for me at the moment, but my time will come. After the match, we did some drills to help me get the ball consistently into the back. It can only be a good thing to practice with people stronger than you.

It turns out that my coach was confident I’d beat Franc (I’m not sure if this is just a clever plan to get me to play my heart out against this guy) that he jokingly said he’d buy Franc dinner if he won. Well…last night, Franc claimed his dinner from the coach,  and Jario and I went along for the ride.

No worries people, he’s not my friend yet! There’s still a war here!!

 Here are some German things I thought I could share with you today from my walk:

1) They drive on the wrong side of the road!

I have to be super careful every time I cross the road not to look on the wrong side. And on that note…

2) They actually all wait at the “zebra” crossing until the green man (or green bicyle) says GO, whether the road is clear on not. If not, and they are caught by policeman, they can get fined!

3) There is a police vehicle or policeman visible regularly.

4) All ages ride their bicyle…including the old!

5) Not really typical German, but there is a castle just down the road. It has now been converted to house two secondary schools.


It’s amazing how the german government seems to manage traffic by the way they have scattered work times, school time etc. For example: Industrial workers head to work between 6 – 7am; Schools start 8am; Office work 9am; Lunch break 12-1pm; School out 1pm; Work out 4pm. Things work like clockwork.


2 Responses to “The lifestyle”

  1. Clint Cupido Says:

    Hi there
    glad to hear you having an awesome time, Our substitute coach Birdie is giving us a hard time

    I am off to the UK for 3 weeks and will be experiencing the cold too

    Keep up the hard work. Need to let you know they ae trying to get another coach pre season but I declined I love my new coach Siyoli Good Luck

  2. Sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself, I’m sure you’ll beat him by the time you’re done there. Maybe you should organize dinner with the coach if you do! hehe!
    Have a good weekend, we’ll be thinking of you tomorrow as we all dress up as “hollywood” for our squash dinner!
    Take care and keep the brilliant work.
    Lots of love and cheers

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