Week 2, Day 3

Wednesday was a better day. It really helps when the other boys are there to join the sessions. I learn so much by watching them and playing with them. Jairo, Simon and I hit the gym each with our uniquely designed programmes. That is where Wael is good- his ability to take us each as  individuals and deal with us with our specifics needs. Many coaches sometimes make the mistake of giving out the same programme, same information for the same duration of time to different athletes. Our bodies are not all built the same, and we don’t have the same strengths and weakness.

 So, one main thing I saw is that these boys are lifting some seriously heavier weights than me!!! That’s ok! I have no intentions of looking like the next Arnold Schwazenneger! Wael also says that my future husband will not be too impressed with him if he did turn me into an Arnold. At least we’re on the same page there!

Afterwards, we did more speedwork and courtwork. I must say, I really pumped myself up to be able to hit the ball effectively with these guys. Once again, mind games have the potential to help you succeed, or make you loose before you’ve even stepped onto the court. I had the opportunity to hit with the No.54 mens player in the world, current German Champion. I could either: think myself too inferior and end up playing rubbish squash, or rise to the challenge (relax and forget about titles) and hit the ball hard and confidentantly.

The latter worked, and had a really great session. At some point, I decided to question something about the lob shot, to which the coach replied, “Siyoli, you think too much! Just don’t think. Play!”

That seemed to work too. 🙂


3 Responses to “Week 2, Day 3”

  1. Hey Siyols

    You sound like you are doing great!keep going and remember no pain no gain! please continue these blogs as i love reading them and makes me smile to see how well ur doing!

    love u lots girl and keep it going! 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi Siyoli

    What a sheer pleasure it is for me to witness your advancement into the world of international squash. I, together with the entire WP squash population (I sure), have no doubt that you have the ability to “fly high” in the squash arena.

    Can somebody please send Nicol Davids and those Australian sisters a warning email to announce your entrance to world squash:-)

    I must add that I am enjoying your interesting daily updates, your typing fingers must be taking strain:-)

    God bless

  3. Lydia van Zyl Says:

    Hi gorgeous,
    you’ve got your own website/blog thing – WOW!!
    (Just by the way, WOW also stands for Women of Worth!! And that you truly are!!)

    Amazing to hear some of your stories. How did the rematch go today? And love the photos at the top. Who took them/helped design this for you?

    Well, just to say, missing you but wishing you all the best!!

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