Week 2, Day 2

Tuesday…hmmm…an interesting day; probably my most mentally challenging day yet. Track day! This is always a challenge to me. I have not really explained all the facilities at this sport club, have I? I will try to get some pictures. There is a 400m outdoor athletics track and there is also an indoor 200m track, 50m indoor sprint lanes, indoor arena that can be sectioned off to host volleyball, basket ball, handball … you name it. There is an indoor long jump pit and pole vaulting equipment. They have recently extended to host a second gym, 2 or three aerobics or dancing rooms, some offices … i think you get the picture.


I’m not saying all of this to brag, but rather to illustrate the great facilities available here. Not all of Germany is like this. It just happens that SIEMENS (the telelcommunications company and employer of 20 000 people in Paderborn) is literally next door and the owner of that company loved sport – and it was his dream to plough back into the community in this way.

Anyway, my other point is, I also get the opportunity to become all too familiar with some of this equipment. It seems that the time has come where i am meant to get used to doing regular 400m sprints, nothing less. After doing a few sets, fortunately for me, Simon and Jairo arrived for training and I had to join them with some speed work. Coach kept reminding me that they once felt the way i feel, but look at them now! Yes, it is encouraging to see them fly through excercises…Yes, i know that i could be like them soon…but one step at a time… and maybe these little aches and pains will slowly diminish.

Tuesday night also saw me get a re-match against Franc. Well…what can i say! He played cleverly and raised the pace so much in the first two games. I was NOWHERE!!!! What to do…what to do! Both those games were over in 15min! That’s all coach said after that – I’ve got to try and stay on the court longer. Well, i tried, and you know what?! It worked. I won that game, with an audible huff and puff coming from his corner. The fourth was also quite a battle, but at a crucial moment, there was a query about the score. I was serving, and thought the score was 10-10. He insisted it was 9-10, matchball to him. We argued for a bit, then (this is where my agressive personality needs to come out more) I gave into him, then lost that rally, and game, AND the match!! I didn’t think of it then, but I could have suggested we spin for it – but that’s where my “niceness” is not an asset! That’s another BIG lesson for me to learn while i’m out here: it’s ok to be nice OFF the court, but ON the court…IT IS BATTLE TIME; WAR!!

Thursday night will be another chance to battle it out with my now-becoming-rival Franc. It’s all good for me, really. The pace he plays is higher than anything I’ve been exposed to before. Coach was more pleased than friday…but I’m sure he’s already got his excercise drills ready to admister to me in the morning.


2 Responses to “Week 2, Day 2”

  1. Hi Siyoli
    I’m sure you will beat Franc – then your confidence will be sky high!

    Ruth came to visit today – she is doing great – just a few more days……..

    With our love and prayers


  2. Jason Hector Says:

    Hi Siyoli,
    Well francly, I feel that there should be no friends on the squash court! 😉 But you will get him, it seems you have the edge mentally with all else equal. But I suppose you can learn from this new scoring system with a whole match swinging in a single point.

    Im very interested in your training program with 400m sprints, and effect of that on squash.

    Keep well, when do you head on to Egypt?

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