OK, enough rest: Week 2, Day 1

Monday started off on a mentally tough note: all the weights i lifted in the gym were raised 10% more, and more movement work was added after the session. Just when you think your body has had enough, that’s when you are sent to hit the ball on your own, and pretend you are playing in the finals of the world champs whre the score is 8-8 in the 5th. It’s all in our heads people!!!!!! My head is needing a lot of work, i can tell u.

Friday night I played one of their 2nd league guys, Franc (i think that’s how you’d spell it). The coach believed i could do it – win that is. They told me he was impatient and that he is likely to make a mistake, but they forgot to tell me that he is one of the most attacking players in Paderborn! He goes for every nick possible. Before I tell  you more about this battle, let me remind you that every match I play is American scoring to 11. That’s the official scoring system now, and will be used at the ladies world champs.

Well…the match begun, and we seemed to begin on equal footing. I snuck through a victory after a tie-breaker 14-12. The second game was a little bit more convicing, with a lot more patience on my side and attacking play. Then the 3rd game came… (I wish i could blame it on the 6 days of training, Friday being the last before my rest)…but Frank came out with his winners. To cut a long story short… I lost 3-2. Coach wasn’t too impressed, but we saw some of my weaknesses exposed, and this week we are going to tackle them bit-by-bit.


No matter how hard my opponent plays, somehow my balls have gotta learn to find the back corners!!! I think that is going to be one of my biggest hurdles to overcome while I’m here. I’m know lots more solo hitting is sure to follow…


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