Day 6

After the track session on thursday morning, the day turned out to be rather pleasant. I did a few drills later that evening (but my concentration levels were slowly dwindling), and then was given the evening off!

So, I joined Vesna and the kids at a sing-song evening with lanterns (actually electric lantern, not candlelight – it’s kindergarten age), a german tradition in honour of Martin Luther. We walked around a park, which i hope to visit with daylight, and reached a building where we stood around a fire and watched a few actors read out some parts of the story.

We dashed home from there. I helped Vesna prepare dinner because the club manager, Norman Farthing, was coming to their home. Norman has been in Germany for a few decades and has helped to transform the club to the level it is at now. The men’s club won the European Championships again this year. This club has seen some of the world’s best players play here, including one of the recent great world champions, Peter Nicol.


So, lots of laugh were enjoyed ny all the dinner table, with spread of a variety of Lebanes dishes for starters, and once again Vesna pulling out some secret dishes as the main course. It turns out Norman is quite the chef too. So, i guess I’ve got to make the most of my opportunities and get some cooking tips too.

Friday morning, last day of training this week, then TWO DAYS OF REST!! YEAH!!


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